NOYU Samurai Series, Now Available on Amazon!

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We Wanna NOYU….. NOYU Samurai Series, Now Available on Amazon!

NOYU/Samurai Series has officially been released on Amazon… it’s now available for purchase no matter where you live in the World! Get in and get yours while stock lasts! As of December 2014, Amazon has stocked all four NOYU/Samurai Series drinks; Samurai Skin & Slim, Samurai Vitalize, Samurai Pure Green and Samurai Defender. These are all filled in the specially crafted NOYU 500 mL bottle which helps give NOYU/Samurai Series its fantastic flavor! All these teas are grown in the famous green tea Mountains of Taiwan. The natural rich flavors combined with healthy vitamins make the perfect refreshing tea on any given day! Go now and see for yourself: NOYU/Samurai Series Now Available on Amazon!